Costs & Conditions

All prices include full installation*

Open Cassette Awning

Attractive design with an impressive projection. From £1987 ex. VAT
Available from 2M (6ft 7”) up to 7M (22ft 11”). With a projection from 1.0M (3ft 4”) up to 4M (13ft 1”)

Optional extras

Manual crank operation option LESS £250

Battery powered Vibration Sensor £195

Under awning LED illumination built in to full awning arms £275

Full Cassette Awning

Fully enclosed awning with a modern, sleek appearance. From £2740 ex. VAT

Available from 3.M (9ft 11”) up to 6M (19ft 8”). With a projection from 2M (6ft 7”) up to 3M (9ft 11”).

Optional extras

Battery powered Vibration Sensor £195
Colour match awning body & arms to standard RAL colour match £746.00

Please contact us with the specifications required or to arrange a viewing.

All our prices include full installation subject to a few simple conditions.


  • The awning is to be fitted to sound brickwork / solid wall.
  • The wall that the awning is to be fitted to is continuous with no obstructions, such as chimney breasts or downpipes. Where necessary bespoke brackets can be used to overcome such obstructions.
  • Installations are below a height of 3.5M with safe access to the installation.
  • Installations are within Surrey or a 15 mile radius of us.

Very rarely there can be unexpected weakness in the brickwork/wall of your property, where the awning is to be located. Although all drilling and fixing is carried out with the upmost of care, occasionally a brick may crack or there may be a weakness in the direct area, meaning that the awning would not be safe to install with the use of our standard fixing brackets. This brick/solid wall weakness can be detected during the initial installation, but sometimes it can occur shortly after installation.

This issue can usually be overcome by the fitting of oversize solid steel ‘spreader plates’. These are pre-machined, drilled & powder-coated and carried as standard on our fitting-van. If the ‘spreader plates’ are needed during installation then these will be fitted at no extra cost, however, if the symptom occurs within 90 days of the original installation date then a fee of £350 will be charged to return and re-install the awning with ‘spreader plates’. After 90 days the fee to carry out the remedial works increases to £500. 

All our prices include VAT @ 20%.

A 50% deposit will be required at the time of order with the balance payable upon completion of the installation.


 All our awnings are well-built, high quality and suited for use in the UK.

Our awnings can be used in the rain and when there are light-winds. However, they are not to be used during very heavy rain, high-winds or snow and must be closed until the weather improves. We would always recommend the fitting of a ‘vibration sensor’ that will assist with detecting high winds – when the awning should not be used. These are battery-powered units mounted discreetly on the underside of the awning front bar, that detect excessive movement and automatically close the awning.*

*These ‘vibration sensors’ are an aid to assist you when the winds are too strong, but should not be relied upon exclusively. The sensors are battery operated and we would recommend the replacement of the batteries every spring and testing the front bar movement to ensure that the ‘vibration sensor’ is fully functioning.

All our awnings have an ‘emergency crank’ and are supplied with a separate ‘crank handle’. This is a safety precaution, so that if there is a fault or power-cut to the property and extreme weather conditions are expected, it would be possible to retract the awning completely and safely until the fault/power supply issue is resolved*.

*The crank handle is only to be used in an emergency to close the awning manually, where it is not possible to use the remote control and the awning could potentially suffer damage by not retracting the awning.

This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and may not be transferred to any other party. The warranty also only applies in the UK and is subject to the terms and conditions set out here. We will provide replacement parts where they are found to be defective in design, manufacture or assembly.

The product must be paid for in full to be covered under this warranty, otherwise no claim can be made under this warranty.

Structural Support: All components including arms and accessories attached to this awning are warrantied against manufacturers defects. If the purchaser promptly notifies us of such defects within 12 months of the date of the original purchase, the original component will be replaced at no charge. After one year from the original purchase date, the defected component will be replaced by the purchaser at the manufacturer’s full retail cost.

Our warranty covers:

Structural support (arms, square bars, front bars and other attached supports) provided that the components are not subjected to excessive winds, snow or water pooling on the fabric.

Fabrics: The fabrics under normal conditions, if maintained, operated, used and stored in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and not subjected to excessive wind, snow and water pooling on the fabric.

Any damage occurring from the use of hard chemicals or bleach as they can cause the fabric to deteriorate, will not be covered.

Operation: Gear mechanisms or electric motors. Any faults accruing from modifications or additions to the awning structure and support system are not warrantied.